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January Menu 2

Clean never tasted so damn good!

PK beef lasagne! (HIT)

beef lasagne served with protein cheese, great evening meal!
P:57.9g C:65.2g F:14.5g Cals:787


PK veggie meatballs and pasta

vegeterian meatballs served with wholewheat pasta, seasonal veg and roasted tomato sauce V VGN
P:28g C:52g F14.8g Cals:477


PK sausage and mash! (great for the family)

3 chicken sausages served with mash, peas and gravy
P:37.6G C:48g F:12.5g Cals:458


PK protein pancakes served with choc chips!

Famous PK banana protein pancakes with choc chips & drizzle of honey
P:33g C:49.1g F17.9g Cals:488


PK veggie cajun tomato wrap (low calorie!)

grilled tomato wrap with cajun quorn and roasted vegetables, pot of salsa V VGN

P:17.2g C:41.3g F6.2g Cals:313


PK chicken korma with coconut rice

chicken korma served with coconut rice

P:35.77g C:52.8g F:22.9g Cals:570


PK jacket potato served with 5bean turkey chilli and protein cheese! (LOW CALORIE! LOW FAT!))

jacket potato served with our awesome 5bean turkey chilli and protein cheese! low calorie !

P:38.5g C:51.4g F:3.1g  Cals:396


PK cottage pie with protein cheese (great for the family)

beef cottage pie with protein cheese

P:32.6g C:42.8g F:19.4g Cals:480



PK teriyaki salmon noodles (BESTSELLER)

salmon teriyaki noodles with spring onions and peas!

P:32g C:62.8g F;14.5g Cals:515


PK cod and asparagus fish cake with sweet potato wedges

cod and asparagus fish cake served with sweet potato wedges, spinach and peas, pot of tartare sauce and lemon wedge
P:14.2g C:67.6.2g F:17.1g Cals:465


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