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January Menu 2

Clean never tasted so damn good!

PK mango & lime chicken with spiced cauliflower mash

Mango & lime chicken breast, spicy cauliflower mash, spinach and broccoli
P:47.8G C:14.2g F:14.7g Cals:376


PK clean strawberry breakfast pancakes

Famous PK banana pancakes with strawberry protein & drizzle of honey
P:36.6g C:51.9g F12.4g Cals:427


PK falafel burger with green veg and cous cous

Homemade falafel burger served with Cous cous, green vegetables and homemade relish
P:21.5g C:93.1g F6.7g Cals:547


PK red fajita wrap with our famous homemade salsa

Grilled tomato infused wrap with slices of fajita chicken and spinach served with our homemade PK salsa.
P:41.9g C:36.1g F8.8g Cals:395


PK chicken caesar with a tangy dressing

Chicken breast with pk style caesar salad and a fantastic tangy dressing
P:45.2g C:9.3g F:25.8g Cals:456


PK bbq chicken, rice, peas and carrots

bbq chicken breast fillet, white rice, carrots and green peas, served with low calorie bbq sauce

P:50g C:82.1g F:5.6g Cals:589



PK fish and herby potatoes with homemade tartare sauce

Oven baked crisp cod fillet, with herby potatoes, green vegetables, homemade tartare sauce and a lemon wedge.
P:18.4g C:72.8g F30.8g Cals:632


PK clean mixed grill !

chicken sausage, chicken drumsticks, rump steak, corn on the hob
P:78.9g C:62.7g F34.6g Cals:876


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