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Homemade Chilli con carne with Sweet potato wedges

Freshly made chilli con carne, oven baked then pan fried in coconut oil sweet potato Wedges. Garnished with fresh chilli slices. P: 22.6g   C: 47.3g   F: 6.5g   Cals: 427


6oz Peppered steak with Mexican cauliflower rice & avocado (KETO)

6 oz Steak sizzled on the grill served with avocado and Mexican cous cous! P: 35.5g  C: 7.7g  F: 13.4g  Cals: 284


Feta, Avocado & Hummus wrap. With wedges & sweet chilli drizzle (V)

Possible the tastiest veggie / vegan wrap on the planet.   P: 14.1g   C: 57.3g   F: 23.2g   Cals: 473


Lean steak, Seasoned sweet potato wedges & grilled greens (F2L)

Lean steak slices served with grilled greens on a bed of crispy, well seasoned sweet potato wedges P: 41.8g  C: 30.6g  F: 14g  Cals: 437


5 bean Veggie risotto & mixed nuts (V)

PK 5 Bean risotto, garnished with nuts and a light dressing   P: 14.7g   C: 41.9g   F: 23.8g   Cals : 448


Fresh Chicken Curry!

Chunks of fresh chicken fillet sliced and served with our homemade curry sauce, brown rice and homemade tzatziki! P: 56.6g   C: 58.5g   F: 10.6g   Cals: 552


Lean mince burger, portobello mushroom & mixed salad with feta (KETO)

The best Keto burger in town?! P: 47.1g  C: 10.5g  F: 16.9g  Cal: 363    


Peri peri chicken, spicy rice & a home made lemon & herb sauce! (F2L)

Fresh chicken breast fillet oven baked in a Peri-Peri rub, fragrant spicy rice and a dash of home made sauce P: 43.3g  C: 35.6g  F: 16.8g   Cals: 501


Cajun Salmon, cous cous & garlic & herb greens and fresh lime wedge (F2L)

Cajun spice baked salmon, served with a wedge of lime, cous cous & Garlic veggies! P: 42.6g C: 38.6g F: 12.1g Cals: 461


Teryaki Chicken Stir Fry

Teryaki marinated Chicken breast fillet, fresh veg wok fried with noodles! P : 42.9g  C: 58.6g   F: 3g   Cals: 455


Pancakes with fresh berries and Greek Yoghurt

Our famous PK Protein Pancakes, serves with fresh berries and greek yoghurt !   P: 27.6g   C: 45.7g   F:24.5g   Cals: 499



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