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Clean never tasted so damn good!

Lean sizzling Steak stir fry – Low Carb, Low Cal

Lean Rump Wok fried steak strips served on a bed of green beans, cashews, fresh peppers and more! P: 24.3g  C: 14.1g   F: 12.4g   Cals: 259


Frittata Salad – Low Cal & Low Carb

Fresh Frittata served with new potatoes with fresh mixed grilled vegetables! Super clean and perfect for a “Lean meal” P: 20.9g   C: 18.4g   F: 13.7g   Cals: 293


Thai Quorn Rissotto!

Veggie option. Thai quorn rissotto served with fresh chillis, ginger, on a bed of tasty curried rice. P: 20.9g   C: 65.5g   F: 5.7g   Cals : 426


Curried chicken with Firecracker Rice!

Curried fresh chicken breast fillet with our special firecracker rice. P: 42.8g  C: 48.9g  F: 7.2g   Cals: 440


Pancakes with fresh berries and creme fraische!

Our famous PK Protein Pancakes, served with some home made creme fraische & berries!   P: 27.6g   C: 45.7g   F:24.5g   Cals: 499


Chicken Ceasar Wrap & S.P Wedges!

Home made low cal ceaser dressing, grilled chicken breast fillet, Bacon medallions and salad served in a wrap alongside some chunky sweet potato wedges. P: 53.6g   C: 53.8g   F: 20.1g   Cals: 616


Salmon super-food salad!

6 oz Grilled Salmon fillet served with Quinoa, pomegranate seeds, avocado & peanut! P: 53.4g  C: 46.4g  F: 26.5g  Cals: 634


Simply Chicken & Greens!

Chicken breast fillet & pan fried fresh greens!

P: 42.9g  gC: 16g  F: 9.9g  Cals: 346




Chicken & Chorizo Jambalaya

Louisiana style dish with an awesome taste! Chicken & Chorizo cooked to perfection stewed with rice and peppers.

P: 59.5g   C:49.4g   F:22.4g   Cals: 442


Lean steak & Homemade Chimmi Churri

Lean steak slices served with rice and homemade Chimmi Churri! P: 31.6g  C: 43.6g  F: 18g  Cals: 474


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